Uplevel Tourism — March Town Hall Event

  • Unclear about the best place to invest time and money into marketing
  • Unsure about the future of the new products they created when they pivoted their businesses during COVID
  • Concerned about timing to reopen group tours
  • Only control what you can control. If there are still restrictions on dining and travel in your area, try to focus on markets or products where those things aren’t as important to your business. Can we still innovate around new products or new markets?
  • Define the problem, be the solution. What is a specific problem that your potential customer has that your tour addresses? Are they unsure about where to go in your city to eat a safe meal? Are they overwhelmed by the choices in front of them? Find ways to target those problems, then solve them with your products.
  • Focus on one ideal customer. The more specific you can get with who you’re trying to target, the more universally appealing your messaging will become. Define for yourself one ideal customer — give them a name, an occupation, a problem they need solving that only you can solve. Flesh them out into a real person, then keep them in mind when creating your marketing strategies.



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Joe Martin

Joe Martin

Entrepreneur, author, and TEDx Speaker who believes real world interactions are more valuable than digital ones.