A Presentation You Can Use for ProVisors Meetings

Joe Martin
3 min readMar 31, 2021


This year, the executive committee of ProVisor’s Chicago Central decided to add a visual element to our meetings. This has helped us create more of an engaging, visual interaction for our members and out-of-town guests.

Here’s how you can get the file and start using it for your meetings.

1) Get the file

Go to this form to access the .key and .pptx versions of the presentation. After entering your information you will be emailed a copy of the file with instructions.

2) Update any text

Go through the presentation and update the home screen, the mantra, the agenda, your executive team, and more. You’ll need to spend some time going through each page and making it specific to your group.

3) Update any images

I love the idea of going to a different ProVisors meeting and seeing images from each city/community. With that, you’ll find spots to include images from your area. I use a site called Unsplash.com to find beautiful, royalty free images of the city to include in each presentation.

Don’t change these out too often, but over time you can update images to show different parts of your city in different seasons. However, I suggest sticking to one or two images that you always use. Use this as a way to help people identify with your group through a picture/feeling.

4) Check all animations

While there aren’t many, I have included animations on a few of the slides. For example, the Executive Committee page is setup to appear one person at a time. Be sure to click through the presentation and double check that all animations appear as intended.

5) Present during your meeting

When it’s time for your meeting, you can share your screen in Zoom and present directly from Keynote or Power Point.

In Keynote, you’ll need to the screen in Zoom first, then click to play the presentation.
In Power Point, you may be able to play the presentation first, then share the screen. I’m not 100% sure. Best to test between yourself and someone else before going straight into a meeting.

BONUS! Some Good News

I have loved this concept —long before John Krasinski created his YouTube pandemic series. While it’s not normally part of the ProVisors meeting agenda, I hope it is something you’ll consider going forward.

Having a Some Good News segment gives you the opportunity to start meetings on a positive note while highlighting the impact your members are having on their respective communities. And that, THAT’s the stuff we want to celebrate.

For Chicago Central, our Some Good News process is as follows:

  1. A Monday email out to Chicago Central members encouraging them to send any good news to me by Wednesday.
  2. Wednesday night I add each person’s “good news” into the presentation.
  3. Thursday morning I present each person’s good news at our meeting.

I hope this helps you spread more good news and have more engaging meetings with your groups. If there is anything I can help with, please don’t hesitate to email me. Good luck with everything!

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Joe Martin

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