Joe Martin’s Method for Improved Productivity at Home

Joe Martin
2 min readJun 10, 2020

In the 4+ years that my team has worked for 6 weeks and took 2 off, this simple Google spreadsheet helped us improve communication, increase productivity, and strengthen our culture.

This video tells you how to use the sheet and why I think it will drastically change your work habits.

Some people who have already started using this method say:

“The planning sheet helped tremendously! Using your method, I was able to prevent burnout. I also found that it knocked out my procrastination. I actually kept my workouts this week because I felt I had more control.” — N. Reddins

“It’s been absolutely perfect. I love this! I feel less stressed too. I have been telling everyone all week about it.”Shaily Hakimian

“Your presentation was effective and succinct. It’s helped increase my focus over the past couple days.”Saja Raoof

“All I can say is…..SHIT! How can something as simple as an excel sheet be so damn eye-opening! […] I have also realized that I am way undercharging my clients.” — Anonymous

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Joe Martin is a productivity coach and international speaker from Chicago. His book, 6-Week Cycles, teaches people how to work for 6 weeks then take off for 2. His ideas on corporate culture have been featured on Fox News, Tasty Trade, and WCIU. With multiple appearances on radio, podcasts, and a 2019 TEDx Talk, he now advises companies on communication and culture-building methods that improve employee morale and increase revenue. To improve your team’s productivity, email to get a conversation started.



Joe Martin

Entrepreneur, author, and TEDx Speaker who believes real world interactions are more valuable than digital ones.