• Seth


    Defi/Crypto/Web3 Architect, Engineer and 30 years of slinging code; Vice President at Fidelity... My comments, posts and opinions are my own private views.

  • Mark Petrowsky

    Mark Petrowsky

    Head of UX @VividSeats, previously @Carsdotcom, Designer, Father, Husband, Chicago Lover.

  • Keith Bales

    Keith Bales

    Northern California forensic CPA to provide expert testimony for family law cases — • — Business Appraiser | Expert Witness | Forensic CPA | Consultant

  • Adrianne Hawthorne

    Adrianne Hawthorne

    Designer, Dunkin Donuts enthusiast, amateur storm chaser and lover of cats.

  • Sarah Beckett

    Sarah Beckett

    Yarn, Paleo, Pictures, Cats, Chicago

  • Jen


  • Janille Palmer Santa Ana

    Janille Palmer Santa Ana

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