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They say people don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad managers. And a lot of us could empathize with this — seeing our own boss in Bill Lumbergh, the passive-aggressive cubicle stalker in Office Space. But now, the rise of remote work environments have created new ways to be a shit.

So, for managers who want to demoralize hardworking, well-intentioned employees, this list is for you. It will help you find new ways to mistreat your staff, knowing they can’t leave because, well…what would they do without the health insurance you lord over them?

Most importantly, you’ll learn new tactics to drag out busywork. Ensuring most of their time is spent staring at a computer screen rather than being with their families. …

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Learn more about 6-Week Cycles at

You’ll receive one email per day, with small steps, to start working in 6-Week Cycles.

Working from home is here to stay. With that, we need to start looking at how we can be most productive, not just sitting in front of a computer from 9–5 and saying, “well that was pointless.”

This virtual coach will equip you with the tools you need to start getting more control over your day. You’ll receive one short email every morning. These are NOT giant emails, they’re designed to be read, absorbed, and deleted.

And by the end of six weeks — this will have permanently changed how you work.

I’ve built this program because I believe incredible things can happen when we get control over the work day. That your life can change when you start to get control over….time. And that’s what we’re going to do together over these six weeks. …

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Including Community Effort of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Person of the Year — here is a list of some of the best things 2020 had to offer.

10) Ad of the year’s Satan Commercial

Imaginative, well-done, great story. Just…everything we love in an ad.

9) App of the year

There’s this scene in Elf when Santa arrives back at his workshop. He just finished delivering all presents, the elves are celebrating; he steps in and says,

“Alright, alright. We’ve had another very successful year. So, after all that hard work, it’s time to start preparations for next Christmas.” — Santa

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Ed Asner as Santa Claus in Elf (2003)

And how many times have people felt this?

You work your butt off.
Do great work.
Finish everything on time.
And your reward — more work.

In this scene, Santa couldn’t have been gone more than a full day. And already, ALREADY! Returning to his workforce, stepping in to cut celebrations short, and encouraging them to get back to work. And they do it, cheerfully, because he has taken to breeding his own staff and training them from birth like a mob of Oompa Loompas. …

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For many tour companies, the holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year. This year, as we all know, is a little bit different. Some businesses are booming right now while others are struggling. Some have taken completely new directions, like offering foodie boxes. No matter what position your company is in, a common issue many of our tour partners face is in finding effective ways to communicate with their audience about what they’re doing.

Right now, our tour company partners are asking a lot of the same questions: How can we use our email list to best engage our audience in uncertain times? How do we break out from the pack to really attract our customers’ attention? …

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These are some of my favorite items and recommendations for others who may be working from home well into 2021.

Wireless Charging Pads ($29)

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The Honolulu Cycle came to a close on Fri, August 21st. Since then, it’s been 2 weeks of no client work. Some meetings, but mostly taking the time to work on the business instead of in it.

A big part of two weeks “off” is to have the chance to step away. Look at things from the outside — and breathe…for even just a minute. Revisit your last 6-weeks, see what you accomplished. Then, decide what needs to change for the next cycle.

As I work through planning The Cambridge Cycle (Mon, Sept 7th — Fri, Oct 16th), here are some of the highlights from the last 6-weeks. …

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Open Mic Challenge promo featuring Rakido

The Open Mic Challenge created a digital platform, in a COVID-19 world, that gives communities the chance to celebrate their local musicians.

This elimination-style competition was built for Chicago musicians and promoted over Instagram. During its run, viewers were able to watch and vote for their favorite musician every Wednesday night while also enjoying surprise messages from television host Ryan Seacrest and Lina Gaudenzi of NBC’s the Voice.

Created by Joe Martin and Ashley Havertine, the event raised money for breast cancer research and awareness through the American Cancer Society. …

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Created for Anna Martin, the Open Mic Challenge was an elimination-style competition for Chicago musicians. Between Jul — Aug 2020 viewers were able to watch a one hour livestream on Wednesday nights and vote for their favorite musician.

Created by Joe Martin and Ashley Havertine, the event raised money for breast cancer research and awareness through the American Cancer Society. A cause very close to them after Joe’s mom was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in May 2020.

Shortly after Joe shared he was putting this event together, he received the following text message. …

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Last night saw three musicians compete in the Open Mic Challenge — Chicago. The last show will be this Wednesday, August 12th at 8pm.

This 6 week online, music competition is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Created by local entrepreneur Joe Martin, the event aims to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. A cause very close to him after his mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in May 2020.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society and their initiatives visit

See Who Advanced

You can also view the full episode, or watch individual performances below. …


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Entrepreneur, author, and TEDx Speaker who believes real world interactions are more valuable than digital ones.

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