12 Gifts You Would Like This Holiday

These are some of my favorite items and recommendations for others who may be working from home well into 2021.

Wireless Charging Pads ($29)

We’re done plugging stuff in! If you haven’t gotten yourself a charging pad do yourself the favor.

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A smart watch ($539)

Maybe you didn’t want this on your wrist when you were going out everywhere — but now…now you’re just stuck at home. And you live in the future! We have the ability to monitor medical information through your wrist. Why not take advantage of it?

Track your sleep while you’re at it too. No reason you shouldn’t be getting enough sleep.

Did you know: You can buy refurbished and clearance items on the Apple Website? You have to hunt for it in the footer of their site, but if you don’t need the latest gear, you can save by purchasing slightly older gear that’s still certified by Apple.

> View on Apple.com

Computer Microphone ($135)

The default hardware on your computer is good, but you can tell when someone has a microphone. Be the person who sounds more professional on thoseZoom calls. The designer in me loves the look of these Blue Snowball Mics. It’s the brand I’ve been using for the past 5 years.

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Cord Sleeves ($15)

It makes your work area look just a little nicer. And every little bit help.

You’ll feel smarter and more productive when your workspace is in order. Tidy it with these nifty little cord sleeves.

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Yoga Mat ($32)

We’re old. And you’ve spent a good number of years working in front of a computer. Your back is jacked. Time to start stretching and rolling it out. Go even further and start yoga at home with Heart + Bones Yoga.

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A Plant that Won’t Die ($35)

Add a little greenery to that Zoom background of yours. Fill it with the best kind of plans — the ones you don’t need to water. Hemsly has a beautiful line of artificial plants. I’ve already ordered three: one for myself, two as gifts for colleagues.

> View at Hemsly.com

Sparkling Water at Home ($89)

I don’t feel weird getting up to pee 20x per day when it’s just me working from home. So now, yes. Yes, let’s consume to 12–15 cups of water per day we’re suppose to. And if we’re going to do that — let’s make it fizzi water.

> View at SodaStream.com

A good notebook ($18)

Target usually has a pretty good collection of notebooks. I like the small binder ones best.

But! These nice moleskin ones hold up pretty well under repeated use as well.

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Camera Lens for your Phone ($99)

For any kind of camera, the type of lens has a significant impact on quality. Always has. And Moment — they’ve some cool lens options. Buy one of their cases, attach the lens, and you’ve got professional looking video.

Which then needs great sound. For that, look into this Shure microphone setup.

> View at Moment.com

Some Nerdy Stuff for your Walls ($89)

First, they’re metal posters. Second they have a bunch of Back to the Future prints. That should be all I need to say.

> View at Displate.com

Better lighting during Zoom calls ($20)

First we talked about the microphone to sound better on calls, now we’re talking about your lighting. Video conferences are here to stay. Time to settle in and setup a nice little home studio for yourself. Starting with some great lighting.

And while it’s called a Selfie Ring Light with Tripod, you don’t have to only use it for selfies. Turns out it works really well at your desk for meetings.

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Bottle Brush Cleaners ($12)

To clean out your reusable water bottle. I know you’re not buying plastic bottles, are you? Come on! Those are so bad.

Get some good bottle brushes cleaners to start cleaning your water. And if your water doesn’t taste right, call the team at Angel Water and get a better system put in your home.

> View on Amazon

Further Shopping

One of my favorite shops in Logan Square, Steel Petal Press, has so many cool little things you’ll want to buy. For the kiddies, and also in Logan Square, *play Toy Store has been my goto for years.

Finally, copywriter Kaleigh Moore has put together The Ultimate WFH Product Guide: Clothing, Home Office Improvements, And More.

List complied by Joe Martin, a Chicago entrepreneur & author who uses technology to build real world communities. He is a member of ProVisors Chicago Central Chapter.



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Entrepreneur, author, and TEDx Speaker who believes real world interactions are more valuable than digital ones.